Hospice of the Valleys

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Serving families with loving care and compassion since 1982.

The Hospice Philosophy

Hospice of the Valleys focuses on the treatment of the whole person: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Your Hospice, Your Choice

Choosing the right Hospice is knowing that your needs and goals will be met.

There aren't enough words to describe the love and compassion everyone at Hospice of the Valleys has for their clients. They bring so much comfort to their clients and their families. We are blessed to have this amazing non-profit organization in the Temecula Valley.

Rebecca Prouty

Our family will never, ever forget the way Hospice of the Valleys how my mother-in-law treated her. They physically and spiritually nursed her and she was always to happy to see them. Their visits helped us also, as we knew the end would be near, yet her spirits actually lifted our spirits. When she passed, they came and prepared her like she was still with us, so tenderly and with so much love. As they left, one of them told us what a pleasure it was to know her and also complemented us for how much our love for her showed.

Frank Cuevas

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the care and compassionate treatment you provided my mom. Your quick action and immense resources allowed my mom to pass peacefully at home. My only regret was not calling you sooner.

Jennifer Harcarik and family

I cannot say enough about our wonderful Hospice of the Valleys.  The loving care they extend to the loved one is exceptional in every way.  They also make sure that the family is taken care of and that they are aware of each step along the journey.  All of this at no cost to the family. With these “angels here on earth”, the hospice ministry from our church and the caregivers at my mother's residence, her passing was a beautiful gift.  I am eternally grateful to Hospice of the Valleys.

Carol Youmans

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